Volunteer Teaching Physical Education in Tanzania

As a volunteer with Mbassa Adventures on our Physical Education project in Arusha Tanzania, you can help teach children and young adults the importance of sports and inspire them to be healthy and active. Some children may discover their talents and lifelines through this. You do not need any previous experience in coaching, although it is awesome if you already have some.
Soccer is the most favorite national game and the sight of young children kicking around homemade soccer balls is common in local villages. However, new ideas and new games will definitely be exciting to the children and you are encouraged to be innovative as a Sports volunteer.
Volunteers of all stages above 18 are welcome – students on a gap year or summer break or professionals on a career break or volunteer vacation. All we ask is that you have a passion for sports and a desire to help others develop their own talents.

Coach Physical Education in Sports Academies and schools in Tanzania

Whatever sports you enjoy, if you have a passion for developing youth sports you can make an impact as a volunteer PE coach in Tanzania. Physical Education volunteers work in primary school and sports academies.

As a Physical Education volunteer in a sports academy or school you will be teaching PE classes alongside local teachers. In the mornings you will usually help with the basic PE lessons, making sure every student gets involved in a diverse range of activities both individually and as a part of the team. You will be working with children of all ages depending on when their PE classes are time-tabled.

In the afternoons, you will coach teams of sports academy and school children in different levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The teams practice together to prepare themselves for competition in local tournaments.

Tanzania Physical Education Volunteers

By involving children and teenagers in sports you will be actively helping to improve their social and physical fitness, and health and helping them to discover their talents. This in turn has ripple effects for the wider society by engaging youth in beneficial pass-time, rather than idleness which leads to unwanted societal behavior.

You will have a choice to dedicate your time to your favorite sport or help with a variety of lessons depending on your interests.