Volunteer Teaching in Arusha Tanzania

The placement for this will be Elementary Schools owned by locals in Arusha with students’ age ranging from 5 – 16 and class size ranging from 10 – 45. You will settle in as a teacher or teaching assistant, mainly teaching English and Mathematics but you may opt to add other subjects and extra-curricular activities such as Art, Drama, Geography, Music, Sports, and Science. Volunteers must be above seventeen and will either live in our volunteer house or at a hostel. The placement will be for two weeks with flexibility in starting time sometimes dictated by the school calendar.

Mbassa Adventures is looking for volunteer teachers to teach in local elementary schools in Arusha Tanzania. Our teaching placements are based in Arusha region and mostly in Arusha City. You don’t need any formal teaching expertise to join this teaching program with Mbassa Adventures. You have a choice to volunteer during your gap year, career break, or vacation period, and your efforts in transforming lives and livelihoods will be greatly appreciated.

The long-lasting impact you have on the lives of the students will be memorable. As you teach abroad, you will also be part of a much wider volunteer network that is making a positive contribution to the communities where we work.

Volunteer Teaching in Tanzania

As already pointed out, the basic medium of communication in Tanzania is Kiswahili, but from secondary school onwards, the medium changes to English. To enhance understanding as the academic level increases, schools owned by locals have opted to introduce English from kindergarten. That makes Tanzania’s education bilingual. Many Tanzanians also speak one of a hundred tribal dialects. Speaking English is imperative for getting a good job in business, tourism industry, technology, commerce, and administration. Swahili remains the language that keeps Tanzanians in touch with their cultural heritage and values.
Despite the bilingual policy in Tanzania, levels of spoken English varies with education levels, age, and proximity to towns among others. You can make a difference helping improve the standards of English in the school where you volunteer.
Volunteers who can only commit to a maximum of two weeks will automatically be placed at only one school. Volunteers who work on a teaching project for more than four weeks will have an option of teaching in different educational institutions. Please let us know what your preference is so that we can make arrangements for you.
Your encouragement and well planned, interesting lessons are often all that are needed to spark an increased interest in the subject and a desire to improve. When volunteering in elementary schools we often suggest that you start as a classroom assistant helping the local teacher. Thereafter, depending on your agility and preferences, you may be asked to take the scheduled classes for a range of ages teaching the subject of your interest.