Volunteer General Construction Program in Tanzania

You could be a student on summer holidays, or looking for an occupational break, or if you want to get physically active and see true results volunteering overseas; our construction Project in Tanzania could be perfect!
Our construction volunteers work within and outside Arusha and are constantly involved in assisting the locals to construct a variety of selected building types. These include orphanage homes and centers, classrooms, libraries, and kindergarten schools in the communities in which and with which we work.

Tanzania construction Volunteers

Volunteers work under the supervision of a local construction expert, who will teach you all the required building and construction skills to allow you to fully take part in the construction process, and help out through all levels of the building progression. The buildings are constructed using traditional methods and locally sought materials. The construction techniques are simple to master and are ideal for sites with inadequate resources. No grid power is required at the site since the entire process is done by hand!

Volunteering on the General construction Project in Tanzania with Mbassa Adventures

The volunteer’s activities vary but should include digging foundations, mixing cement, building walls, constructing roofs, plastering, or adding the finishing coat of paint on a completed house.
Construction work is usually done between 9am and 3pm. The job is reliant on weather conditions and the specified job for the day. For example, if the day is too warm volunteers will stop working, or if laid cement needs to dry, you get to continue working on the following day. On other days, volunteers end their work at midday and have the afternoon to relax.
During your stay, you will have lots of time to get involved in rural community life. Each site is overseen by a competent architect from the community who will assist volunteers with the construction process.

You do not require any prior building experiences to be part of this project; although, anyone with any relevant construction skills will be very helpful and might be asked to take on a more specialized task. All volunteers must, on the other hand, be reasonably fit and prepared for working outdoors in diverse weather conditions. Volunteers live with local families in the area.