• Accommodation
  • Food
  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • Necessary work-related transportation
  • In-country induction with a staff member upon arrival
  • 24 hour Support
  • Pre-arrival support from Mbassa Adventures by email and phone call
  • Visa support (if necessary)


  • Flights to and from Tanzania
  • Local permit $200
  • Visa entry fee $50 or $100 based on your nationality or residence.
  • Personal medications, including anti-malarial
  • Medical and Travel insurance (Required)
  • Personal Travel

All volunteers in Tanzania must apply for a local Business Visa on arrival. This currently ranges from US$250-$300 based on your nationality and country of residence. The visa charges are not included in the Mbassa Adventures prices and must be taken care of by the individuals at the Airport.

A peek preview of the projects available in Tanzania and associated fees

The fees vary depending on your chosen volunteer/internship project and duration. If you combine projects, you will pay the placement fee for the most expensive project, then additional week’s fees as appropriate.


We have set prices on a weekly basis. See the prices chart for more details.
Projects and Price 1        week 2     weeks 3     weeks 4     weeks 5     weeks 6     weeks Extra week
Teach English and Other Subjects n/a $1,280 $1,600 $1,920 $2,240 $2,560 $320
General Care Projects n/a $1,280 $1,600 $1,920 $2,240 $2,560 $320
General Construction Projects $645 $1,280 $1,600 $1,920 $2,240 $2,560 $320
Teach Physical Education n/a $1,280 $1,600 $1,920 $2,240 $2,560 $320
Agriculture and Environment Projects  
Agriculture and Environmental Conservation $645 $1,280 $1,600 $1,920 $2,240 $2,560 $320
Medicine & Healthcare  
Medicine n/a $1,280 $1,600 $1,920 $2,240 $2,560 $320
Nursing n/a $1,280 $1,600 $1,920 $2,240 $2,560 $320
Midwifery n/a $1,280 $1,600 $1,920 $2,240 $2,560 $320
Dentistry n/a $1,280 $1,600 $1,920 $2,240 $2,560 $320
Speech Therapy n/a $1,280 $1,600 $1,920 $2,240 $2,560 $320
Occupational Therapy n/a $1,280 $1,600 $1,920 $2,240 $2,560 $320
6 Weeks Volunteer Groups
January 10 to February 21, 2018 $2,560
March 12 to April 27, 2018 $2,560
May 14 to June 18, 2018 $2,560
July 2 to August 13, 2018 $2,560
September 3 to October 15, 2018 $2,560
November 1 to December 7, 2018 $2,560

We place our volunteers together under secure and comfortable accommodation – Mbassa Adventures Volunteer house.
Local host families are carefully selected to identify the friendliest and welcoming hosts who will go out of their way to look after our volunteers.

We will ensure you are provided with delicious balanced diet meals every day. You will eat locally produced food, and vegetarian diets will be easily accommodated!

Mbassa Adventures Staffs are well trained and experienced. Staff can be contacted 24 hours a day. They are responsible for your general wellbeing. They liaise with your institutions of placement, accommodation and any assistance you may need while in Tanzania.

By signing up with Mbassa Adventure, you are donating your time and skills to work directly with communities in need through a structured project. However, even volunteering comes at a cost, especially if you want to support long-term, meaningful projects where they’re needed most. This is why we charge a fee for volunteering and internship.

While it may be cheaper to go at it alone on your own volunteer trip, there are many benefits of volunteering through Mbassa Adventures. It is difficult and time-consuming to find projects to support in a foreign country that are safe, worthwhile, and reputable.

Mbassa Adventures is a locally owned company and we are very familiar with our environment. When you sign-up with us, you will receive travel and visa support, orientation, a safe place to live, a supportive work environment, a safety net through our professional full-time staff and logistical support, in addition to clear expectations of the work you will do from day one.
In short, you are paying for an option you can trust, an option that will ensure that your trip is worthwhile and an option that will make a positive and sustainable impact on the community you have chosen to serve.

We are an independent organization that does not rely on fundraising or government funding to achieve social goals. We get all our funding from the fees paid by our volunteers and interns. These fees are not a one-off donation to your chosen project. These fees go towards the costs of your trip and long-term support for the project you work on.
Your project charges, therefore, not only cover costs that are directly linked to your presence on the ground, but also a share of all the other costs needed to run our high-quality volunteering projects.
We want to be as open as possible about how your volunteer fees are spent, but it isn’t possible to give exact details of how each volunteer’s contributions are distributed. However, we have set out the average percentages and some clear explanations.

Although you are volunteering your time, there are costs associated with your experience in a country that needs to be covered. These daily costs include meals, accommodation, daily work-related transport, as well as airport transfers. Volunteer fees also help fund project activities and pay for much-needed resources, from school supplies to construction materials.

A lot more goes into your experience than you might expect. Running a business requires investment in human resources, administration, financial controls, and IT. All of these require skilled and trained staff, as well as infrastructure and offices for these staff to do their work.

Your fee also covers indirect costs that make your project a worthwhile and safe experience.

Our volunteers benefit from the knowledge and experience of our local staff. These staff members provide full-time support to volunteers, build relationships with local project partners, and make sure that each project is always working towards worthwhile goals. Part of your fee covers their salaries, benefits and regular training, all year round.

Other indirect costs include office rent, utilities, equipment, and communication infrastructure. We also must pay government registration costs and bookkeeping, and tax reporting costs.

Our biggest challenge is to promote our work and reach potential volunteers and interns. We need to tell the world about volunteering and internship in Tanzania and it can’t be done without incurring costs.

As a private company, we do not receive any government subsidies. Nor do we receive any implicit government subsidies through preferential tax treatment. We pay all taxes required of us by governments.

As a well-run organization, we do build up revenue over and above the costs of running the business. This allows us to fund our growth and expansion by providing capital to set up new projects and new destinations, and completely fund some projects, even if these run at a loss.
Building up a reserve of funds also means that we are able to act swiftly in times of emergency. It gives our staff, volunteers, and intern’s additional security, as the organization can keep operating and supporting projects during times when there are low numbers of volunteers.

Your fees make a positive difference to the lives of thousands of people around Tanzania, long after you go home. It directly funds the project you volunteer on, and has a ripple effect in the local community you volunteer in. Many people in the developing world benefit from your contribution. Without you and the thousands of volunteers that have come before you, none of this would be possible.

The full organization of your project will be done by our expert coordinators, including a supervisor at your placement.