Occupational Therapy Internships in Tanzania

There are many disabled children in Arusha-Tanzania. However, most of them receive little or no support from their communities. As an Mbassa Adventures intern on the occupational therapy project, you will have a chance to help provide disabled children with the support and therapy they desperately need. You will make a positive impact on their lives while gaining meaningful practical experience in the field.
During your internship, you will focus on improving basic skills such as hand-eye coordination to working on basic counting skills.
You will work for 6 to 8 hours each day during the week, from 0830hrs to 1600hrs and it will be a rewarding experience for you to see the gradual improvements in your patients’ abilities.
You will work at a special needs school, therapeutic or rehabilitation center for children, where you will teach occupational therapy techniques to children to help them overcome difficulties they might have with school activities, play activities, and self-care. Throughout your internship, you will work under the supervision of a registered occupational therapist. This is a great opportunity for you to learn from a professional and observe treatments that may be different from what you see in your home country.
To participate in this project, you must have at least completed one year of Occupational Therapy studies or training, or one year of studies or training in a related medical field. It is also important that you be patient, motivated, and compassionate.