Nursing Internships in Tanzania

Our Nursing internships are based in Arusha Town. You will be placed in either a health clinic or a large hospital. The role of a volunteer will depend on his or her skills and experience. Interns with limited skills or experience will mainly be observing the work of doctors and nurses.
By interning as a nurse in Tanzania with Mbassa Adventures you will not only gain work experience but also provide vital support to a busy professional in a developing country. You will see how resourceful nurses are working in hospitals with limited funding and poor equipment.
This could include ward rounds, clinics, and observing operations. Interns with good nursing experience can develop a good working relationship with the local nurses and take up additional responsibility. This may include taking blood pressure, weighing and measuring patients, dressing wounds, passing equipment, and removing plaster casts.
Unless you prefer to work in one specialized area, you will normally rotate through various departments such as surgery, maternity, general medicine, pediatrics, palliative care, and work with HIV patients.