Midwifery Internships in Arusha -Tanzania

Most hospitals in Arusha have maternity units, with up to 80 births a day. An inexperienced midwifery intern will mostly observe what local midwives do while skilled, experienced or enthusiastic interns may be given more responsibility.

A Mbassa Adventures Midwifery internship in Arusha-Tanzania gives you the opportunity to give much-needed help to poor and disadvantaged women and their babies. You will also gain direct experience by working alongside skilled medical professionals and learn how the midwifery profession works in a developing country.
The local midwives are very busy due to large numbers of cases of delivery they attend. You will, therefore, have to be energetic and pro-active in order to keep up with them. You will be able to provide emotional support to women in labor, show them to their beds, and be an extra pair of hands for the midwives. You will help with checking babies once they are born, such as weighing them.

Please note that you will only be permitted to observe births and C-sections if you are studying midwifery or medicine. Volunteers with no medical experience, including pre-medical students, will not be allowed to observe any births.