Medical Internships in Tanzania

Mbassa Adventures works with a variety of health institutions ranging from small health clinics to large hospitals in Arusha Tanzania. This gives interns a unique opportunity to experience various medical disciplines alongside qualified doctors and nurses.

Interning in Arusha-Tanzania on Mbassa Adventures Medicine internship is an excellent way to gain experience, combined with the chance to help people in some of the poorest medical institutions in a developing country.
Most hospitals have different departments including maternity, general medicine, surgery, and pediatrics. Interns have a choice to work in different departments or focus on one.
Pre-medical students or those with no previous medical experience will be placed in small health clinics.

Interning in Medicine in Tanzania with Mbassa Adventures

Generally, your specific activity within a hospital or clinic will depend on your level of medical experience, expertise, enthusiasm, and effort shown to the medical staff. Pre-university interns will start by observing experienced doctors and nurses. More practical opportunities will open up as one gets to know the local staff and understand local medical conditions.

Most hospitals and clinics have basic facilities which are below the standards one may be used to in developed countries.

Your working hours will usually be decided on a weekly basis and most volunteers work from Monday to Friday and have the weekends free.

You will stay in our volunteer’s hostel or you may opt to stay with a local Tanzanian host family who will welcome you into their family and teach you Tanzanian culture. You can spend your free time exploring Arusha.