Care Project

Volunteering on an Mbassa Adventures Care project in Tanzania is a way of offering your contribution to help improve livelihoods for Tanzanian children and their families. We welcome you to join our volunteer care project during your vacation, college break, gap year, career break, or even retirement. You need no qualifications or experience to volunteer. All you need is energy, passion, and a commitment to with the various volunteer options we offer.
In the 80s, Tanzania was among the five poorest countries in the world. Although that situation has changed, many Tanzanian children still need extra help due to the prevalence of HIV/AIDS and the general short life expectancy leaves many orphans.

Care Centres Volunteers – Arusha Tanzania

There are many daycare centers in Arusha to which we attach our volunteers to help children’s development through teaching and tendering. Some children come from single-parent families, some are total orphans and others are born of street beggars. Volunteers are expected to spend time with the children playing games, giving them the needed attention, creating friendship, love and emotional support which they miss. Besides teaching, there are other activities such as arts & crafts and sports.

Kindergarten Volunteers – Arusha Tanzania

Volunteers support the local staff at kindergarten schools to organize creative fun and educational activities, helping out with day-to-day tasks. The commonly used language in Tanzanian Early Years Schools is Kiswahili. Volunteers, therefore, do make a significant impact by teaching English and helping children develop their conversational skills at their Care placement.

Special Needs Centres Volunteers

Special needs centers take care of children with disabilities like blindness, autism, downs’ syndrome, deafness, mental disabilities, etc. Volunteers help to improve the quality of life for these children.

Volunteering at a Care Placements in Tanzania with Mbassa Adventures

We are sure to keep you busy and engaged regardless of the volunteer Care project you choose to join with Mbassa Adventures. It is important to note that some placements are more challenging than others. For example, if you have children under your care who need special attention due to disabilities.

Also please note that availability of toys is limited in many of the care centers. That necessitates full commitment and attention to the young children in order to keep them occupied and stimulated.

The average birth rate in Tanzania is high and Arusha is not an exemption with as many as 4 children or more per woman. Most of these women seek paid wage or self-employment trade to supplement their husbands’ earnings. Day care centers therefore play an important role to ensure both parents can continue to work and provide for their families.

That education is important to the younger generation in Tanzania is also unquestionable. We therefore encourage our volunteers to work alongside local teachers to develop resources and classroom activities to make lessons more interesting including arts and crafts, coloring, and simple math games.

The Mbassa Adventures team is very committed to creating a good working atmosphere to our volunteers.