Start dates are very flexible as our projects run all year round. When you apply, you will specify the start and end dates.

Since our projects sometimes depend on the local holiday calendar, there are brief occasions when normal project work is suspended. For example, schools often close for long winter/summer holidays. During these times, we arrange for alternative work projects that are similar in substance to our ongoing projects but address the short-term, direct needs of the local communities.

If you would like to arrange your start and end dates around the local holidays, please call us at +255 76732599 or email us at



We take your security and safety very seriously. Tanzania is generally safe and politically stable. We have the added security of our own staff who know the local areas in detail.

Once you’ve been accepted into one of our projects you’ll receive an email with information on packing lists, and cultural advice about our country. We will always be on standby to give advice and answer any questions you may have – both before you come to Tanzania and while you are here.

Before you come you will be allocated your placement details. These include addresses and numbers for your host family and details regarding your placement and supervisor.

Mainly you will be staying at our Volunteer house! But for those who opt to stay with host families, we make sure that all accommodation is checked regularly by our staff. Accommodation in host families is only accepted if it is clean, hygienic, and comfortable. We strive to have at least one member of the family to be able to speak basic English, and the family will understand Mbassa Adventures’ aims. They must also be interested in having an English speaker to stay with them. Detailed records are kept of every host family, and these are updated after inspection visits. Checks are made before and during volunteers’ stays.

Each volunteer/intern, regardless of whether on a teaching, medical, conservation, or other placement is allocated a supervisor. The supervisor is not only responsible for enabling volunteers to carry out their work, but also for ensuring that they are happy and assisting them at their placement with any problems or concerns.

We will meet you at the airport (or local place of arrival) unless you request otherwise. We use our own members of staff when possible, but in some cases, we may use an approved transfer company to pick volunteers up from the airport. You will be met by someone carrying a Mbassa Adventures sign, who will welcome you with your full name. They will carry some form of identification that you can validate. It is also our responsibility to help you get back to the international point of departure at the end of your placement.

All volunteers have an induction to the country and the living area. This generally includes:

  • A Welcome Pack with details of the local office and other volunteers, maps, and other useful information (such as banks, doctors, and public transport);
  • A tour of the area on local transport that you’ll need to use regularly (Daladala-Town buses);
  • We’ll advise you on local customs and what to expect while you are away and help you feel confident in your new environment.

All of your necessary work-related transportation costs will be covered by Mbassa Adventures


All Volunteers/Interns taking projects with us must have valid travel insurance, without exception, and no-one will be permitted to join any of our project until we have had sight of your insurance certificate and taken note of the details. Please ensure that all members of your party are covered by insurance and that it includes medical cover and adequate cover for emergency rescue and repatriation.
We would also recommend that your policy covers trip cancellation, personal liability, curtailment and loss of luggage/personal effects. If your travel insurance has been arranged in conjunction with your credit card provider, we will require proof of purchase of the cover. Please contact your bank/credit card provider for details of the participating insurer, together with the level of cover provided and the emergency (24-hour) contact telephone number.
If a volunteer falls ill, our staff and family host will be on hand to assist with hospital arrangements and will, of course, make sure that the patient is comfortable.

Phone numbers, email addresses and office locations for on-the-ground support staff will be provided. You will know: who are our staff are in-country, where to find them, and how to get help in case of an emergency.

About a month before your placement starts, we will send you a profile of your project. (We do not give this earlier because there are possibilities of detail change.) This profile will include photos, the name and contact information of your on-site supervisor, location and background information on your project, as well as a summary of your role as a volunteer.

Our Volunteers house in our main home base for our Volunteers/Interns but, for those who opt to stay with host families, about a month before your placement starts, we will send you a profile of your host-family. Again, this is to ensure that the information given is final, and no changes are expected. This profile will include photos, the name, contact details and background information of your host-family

We provide a detailed packing list for each project with includes advice on any specialized clothing or gear that you may need to bring with you (depending on your project).
We also provide all of the relevant information for your visa application (if required). We provide the advice, forms, and supporting documents. All you have to do is follow our lead.

Enter in your own flight details, or have our in-house travel team suggest an itinerary. Detailed arrival procedures are included, so you know exactly where to find us when you step off the plane.