7 Days Rongai Route

Description The Rongai Route is regarded as one of the most straightforward and successful routes. It begins on the north side of Mt. Kilimanjaro, just south of the Kenyan border, and is one of the less traveled routes. Climbers can see the mountain from a variety of vantage points as they descend the Marangu Route […]

9 Days Lemosho Route

Description The Lemosho route is an excellent option for your ascent. Because of its ideal balance of low traffic, beautiful scenery, and a high summit success rate, it is our preferred route. Starting with a long drive to Londorossi Gate, it approaches Mount Kilimanjaro from the west. The first two days are spent trekking to […]

7 Days Shira Route

Description Because of its remote location, the Shira route on Mt. Kilimanjaro is one of the least used initial ascent routes on the mountain. The ascent begins at a high altitude, at nearly 12,000 feet at Morum Barrier Gate (3600 m). As a result, you should take this route slowly and carefully at first. You […]

8 Days Machame Route

Description The Machame Route is regarded as the most memorable one because it offers travelers a breathtaking panorama of the mountain’s peak. The path that takes you around the mountain’s southern flank receives more precipitation and features a denser forest than the one that goes around the mountain’s northern flank. The trail is quite challenging, […]

7 Days Marangu Route

Description Due to the breathtaking scenery that can be found along it, the Marangu Route is also sometimes referred to as the “Coca-Cola” route. This is the route that has been used to climb Kilimanjaro the longest, and it is also the only route that offers sleeping huts organized like dormitories. The Mandara and Kibo […]