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Tanzania has a huge variety of options for walking safaris, whether visitors are looking for short walks from their camps or longer immersive multi-day trips in eastern Africa. A trip from Dar es Salaam or Kilimanjaro to Arusha will take guests closer to immersing themselves in the wild on a walking safari, getting closer to the incredible wildlife and surrounding landscapes.

Why go on a walking safari in Arusha?

A walking safari in Arusha gives you a whole new and unique perspective of the national park and is an exciting way to explore the wildlife and scenery. The scents and sounds of the African bush are best experienced by foot. Here you’ll be walking alongside wild, freely roaming animals in their natural habitat. Your ranger is experienced and knows what you can or can’t do near wild animals.

Listen to him, and you will have the best possible experience. Apart from sharing loads of knowledge about the animals you might encounter, your guide will also tell you all about the unique flora & fauna of Arusha National Park, an inspiring area known for Mount Meru, the second-highest mountain in Tanzania.

During the walking safari some unique sights will be visited, like the impressive waterfall that hides in the heart of the park, the Ngurdoto Crater and lake Momella, where thousands of pink flamingos can often be spotted.

What will I see on an Arusha walking safari?

The main focus of a walking safari experience is to embark on slow paced, guided walks exploring different wildlife and big game species and landscapes in the bush.
Many visitors come here hoping to spot the elusive colobus monkey. Giraffes majestically walk through the landscape and other animals like buffalo, zebra’s, warthog, and blue monkeys are waiting to be spotted.

Walking safari day-trips in northern Tanzania are also great for bird-spotters, as Arusha has a great variety of birds like trogons, starlings, turacos and thousands of migrating flamingos

Visitors can also have the choice of going on both walking and Jeep safaris or a combination of the two.

When to go on a walking safari in Arusha?

Walking safaris are possible in Arusha throughout the year. Wildlife viewing in Arusha National Park is good throughout the year but is at its best in the Dry season, from late June to October. Rainfall is rare during this period and it is generally considered the best time for a walking safari in most areas.

Cost of a walking safari in Arusha?

The price of a walking safari package is difficult to estimate given costs can vary depending on the time of year, type of accommodation and how secluded it is, locations travelled to, activities selected and add-ons selected. Walking guides for such safaris can start from USD $40 per person for short walks to $4,000 for multi-day luxury overnight trips. Standard 1 Day Tour Arusha National Park Walking Safari typically range from USD $140 – USD $165.

How to get to Arusha?

Visitors typically fly into Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO), 29 miles from Arusha, with visitors often combining trips to Arusha with the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater.

Understanding the best time to visit Tanzania is important as this will impact accommodation, flight prices, availability and the weather that visitors can expect on their safari vacation.

International flights into the country also arrive via Dar es Salaam (DAR) airport for visitors wondering how to get to Tanzania. DAR airport is located 18km south of Dar Es Salaam and a Tanzania visa and certain vaccinations may be required to enter the country.