Get to Know More, About Mbassa Adventures………

We’re a family-run travel company based in Tanzania.

We are a Travel and Safari Tours Company, run by a family based in Arusha, Tanzania. Two brothers; Mutani M. Mbassa with over ten years of experience from different International organizations and travel companies. Mutani M. Mbassa is a former United Nations (UN-ICTR) staff member and has also worked as Projects and Volunteers coordinator for more than 8 years with The Leap -Tanzania.

Why Us

Mbassa Adventures is a locally owned company, which means by working with us you join our fight against poverty for the local unemployed young people in a developing country. We work very hard to create sustainable employment and advancement opportunities for local porters, guides, coordinators and chefs to eradicate poverty. Our primary focus is on organizing your travel with an ethical and eco-friendly approach. All our profit benefits the indigenous people and local communities through fair wages and charitable outreach programs.
We are pleased to host you in our beautiful country Tanzania, for the journey of a lifetime.

Young People

We help young people travel, develop and fulfill their potential by offering volunteer and internship programs which combine multiple locations and different projects in a single trip. This means our Volunteers and Interns make a positive difference while satisfying their desire for travel and adventure.

Our Team

Our team is very skilled and well-trained, encompassing our mountaineering team, safari guides, and volunteer coordinators, who all possess excellent knowledge of local flora and fauna. With knowledgeable guides, excellent communication skills, professionalism, attention to detail, excellent facilities and a desire to be the best, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our customers, offering tailor-made safari packages to suit all budgets and preferences. We are eager to make sure our clients have an unforgettable travel experience, accompanied by life-long memories of the beautiful countryside of Tanzania.

Our Vehicles

Our vehicles are custom-built, extended, 4WD Land Cruisers. With a pop-up roof offering 360-degree views and large opening windows you are sure to capture the photo of a lifetime. Most of our vehicles have fridges to keep your drinks cold and inverter’s so you can charge your cameras, phones, and iPads on the road. Every client has a window seat to ensure nobody misses a second of the action and has the full view of the wildlife at all times.

What We Offer

The safety of our clients is our priority while we offer a high-quality and professional service; we have gap year opportunities, volunteer/internship programs, wildlife safaris, mountain treks and beach holidays. All organized and supported by caring and experienced staff to provide you with unforgettable memories. All of our prices are competitive, while not compromising on delivering a high-standard service.