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Mbassa Adventures is an experienced Travel and Wildlife Safaris Company, owned and operated by a local family of 2 brothers with their team of safaris, mountain and volunteer professionals. We are true experts when it comes to the Tanzanian experience, and we pride ourselves in knowing Tanzania from the palm of our hands. We organize wildlife safari tours, mountain treks and beach holidays.

We also offer a wide range of International Volunteer and Internship programs. We cover every corner of this Tanzanian tour package and explore every inch of the vast and beautiful safari parks, mountains, white sand beaches and so much more attractions.

Wildlife Safari & Kilimanjaro Packages

Are you considering a safari in Tanzania? or Climbing the highest mountain in Africa ?Excellent choice!


Every year, thousands of people just like you set foot in Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro, The Highest African Peak. Also the tallest -free-standing mountain in the world, Mount Kilimanjaro.

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Mbassa Adventures is one of Tanzania’s leaders in safaris and adventure travel. There are countless reasons to book your trip with us!

Highly Trained Guides

We want the best for our adventure clients, so we only hire the best. All our guides are extremely experienced, giving you an outstanding trip.

100% Customizable

Tell us about your trip requirement. We’ll work together to customize your trip to meet your exact requests so that you have a memorable trip.

Wide Range of Offerings

Interested in exploring the wildlife of the Serengeti? Have a life-long goal of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro? Want to relax on some of the most beautiful beaches in Africa? We have it all!

Locally Owned and Operated

Mbassa Adventures was founded by a Tanzanian native and strives to give you the most authentic experience possible. We want you to love this country as much as we do!

Middle-Man Free Pricing

When you book with us directly, you get best possible price, which is middle-man free.

No Hidden Charges

We clearly state on our trip pages what is and is not included. You will never be blindsided by hidden fees.

Mount Kilimanjaro
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